You Don't have to feel alone at the top

I will help you recalibrate your relationship with your business to position it for sustainable success. As your company grows, it is essential that you continue to grow with it and this means changing the way you relate to your people, your work, and yourself. It is terrifying to let go and make the leap from "doer" to "leader". But doing so is critical to getting the most out of your most valuable resource - your people. I will challenge you and serve as your truth teller, mirror, sounding board, and trusted advisor through the process of up-leveling your business. When you find your peace, you will discover that you do not need to sacrifice your well-being in order to be successful. In fact, it is quite the opposite - finding your peace means understanding that your self-sacrificing behavior isn't what's holding your business together, it is what is holding it back.

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Together we will take a holistic view of both you and your business. We will uncover the belief systems and structures that are limiting your company's performance, employee engagement, creativity, and high level communication. Then we will implement mindfulness tools and practices that will help you "up level" yourself and your business. 

Working with Jamie may be right for you if:

  • You are the CEO or high level executive in your business
  • You want to attract and retain the best and brightest talent
  • Employee engagement and retention are a priority 
  • You want to cultivate an energized, engaged culture
  • You want to spend more time doing what you love to do
  • You feel alone at the top
  • You are ready to shift from being a superstar doer to a superstar leader

Free 60 minute strategy session

If you are ready to find your peace, I invite you to apply for a free 60 minute strategy session. In this session we will meet one on one either in person or by phone. The purpose is to understand the current status of your business and identify areas of focus. 

“Only when we are able to see ourselves sincerely, when we are able to leave the masks to one side, when we can step out of the comfort zone, when we can look truthfully at ourselves, when we can feel ourselves, and when we can hear the real voice of our heart, this is when we can progress. If we keep doing the same that we have always done, we will always experience the same things”
— Don Diego